5 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Old Car

Living in a city like Melbourne and driving an old car is not as feasible as dumping it for cash. You must have face a lot hurdle repairing multiple times and spending hundreds of bucks every month. On top of it you are not sure whether your car is ready for a long drive or it will give you a break down.  But that’s not all the reason to sell it right away. There is plenty of reason which you should sell it to wreckers a get a new one. Here we go.

1.Frequent Breakdowns

Are you getting frequent breakdowns while driving your car to office or while out for a holiday trip with your family? If yes, just think about the trouble you may get into. It’s not easy to find a mechanic on the way every time and it can completely ruin you day. A Car has a good life of 10 years or so and that too if drive politely but that’s not the case with all. May be the car you are driving was second hand and you did not know the exact health. So it is obvious to get breakdowns.

2.Registration Expiry

Registration and renew of papers is altogether a headache. You have to visit the transport department many times to get it renewed. If your car is going to expire in the near future, it is better to get rid of it instead of renewing by paying huge cash.

3.Too Small To Fit Into

If family grown up and not getting into that small car, it is time to sell it off to a car wrecker in Melbourne and buy a new one as you may get a handsome amount of cash if your old car is in good condition and it will help you buy a new one with more seating capacity.

4.Moving To A New Place

People move here and there for jobs and education and so their belongings. Car is also a part of the shifting. But it is not always feasible to take your car along to the new place. Specially if the car is old or have some dents. The new city/island may have certain rule which can cost you badly. Also, carrying will dent your pocket. So it is better to sell it to local wreckers and get a new one if required there in your new location.

5.Think About The Environment

An old car pollutes a lot. In 2015 there were 9807 death due to air pollution in Australia  and old cars was one of the reason for this pollution. A new car is less polluting compare to an old one. Also, not having one at all is not a bad idea. If you really need it badly is good to use rent cars facilities as it will save you money and keep the environment health at the same time.

Over To You

Although having a car is luxury, it also have some disadvantages, especially if it is an old car and not keeping well. Take a pledge and dump your old car to save money on repairing and save the environment.

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