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Car Wreckers Melbourne

We are popular Car Wreckers in Melbourne which offer maximum cash for cars wrecking services. Get your car removed instantly with our same day car wrecking services. You will get the same money; whatever you are promised over the phone. Tell the condition of your vehicle to our auto appraisers by online chatting or by calling our number.

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Maximum Cash for Cars Removal Services

Are you thinking about the best Car Pick Up Near Me? We are licensed Car Wreckers in Melbourne. We offer maximum cash for cars wrecking services. Get your car removed instantly with our same day car wrecking services. You will get a no-charge and no-obligation quote from our experienced appraisers. You will get your cash on the spot via our same day paying services. The make or the model of your vehicle doesn’t matter; we will buy it from you. You do not have to come to our yards to deliver the car. We will pick it up from the given location at no/zero charge.

Truck Removal Melbourne

Collection and Free Towing Services for Vehicle

We pay the highest cash-price for your vehicle. The price will totally depend on the condition. Better the condition of your vehicle of any brand, the more prices you will get for your vehicle. You can get the highest cash possible for your vehicle removal via Vic car removals. You will not get the price of the damaged, dull and scrap vehicle that we can offer you. We always try to give you the best.

Whatever You Quote, You Will Get

We at Vic car removals know the actual worth of your car. There are no hidden costs. The price you will get over the quote is the price you will receive. We do feel that this open and honest approach works best for you. You will get whatever you are promised over the phone. We won’t surprise you with the extra and hidden costs of towing and pick up of your vehicle. If you tell the exact condition of your vehicle to our auto appraisers, then you will get whatever you were promised.

We Collect Cars other Companies Won’t Touch

We will buy any scrap or any end of life vehicle, even those of low value. There are many car removal companies which do not take vehicles of specific models or brands. We can take all those vehicles that other companies won’t take. You can send or ask us to remove any number of scrap cars. Our instant online quote includes 100% free collection of your scrap car from your given location. The collection of your scrap, dull, damaged, accidental, unwanted, second hand car can be from your home, workplace or somewhere else. We are car wreckers in Melbourne but location does not matter till we can approach the vehicle. We take all the vehicles that other companies won’t take.


We can assist you straight away in your purchasing or car removal. Our auto appraisers will tell you about the worth of your car. They will show you the path where you can take a fare decision.

If what you describe exactly the same condition to us, then we will absolutely guarantee our price. There is no doubt that you will get what you are promised.  To get a quote, call our friendly team on the registered or given number on our website. We are happy to help you.

Simply give us a call on our number or get a free quote and we will arrange your car removal within 24 hours of your calling or online interaction with us.

If your vehicle is fairly local to where you live then you can still use your postcode to initially get the quote or send to auction. If in doubt, use the postcode to where the car is located. Either way, it is the collection address details we will need initially if you decided to accept any quotes from us.

Yes, all impound fees must be paid/processed prior to the picking up your vehicle. It must be in your knowledge that we do not pay any impound fees.

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