Dump Your Car If It Doesn’t Have These Safety Features

Advances in car safety technology have come a long way in recent years. If you’re existing/ current car doesn’t include the following safety features, you must dump your car. You have the opportunity to dump the car buy calling the car removal company near your location and you can get best cash for the same, which you could invest in buying new car with these advanced safety features.


Gone are the days when only the driver was protected by an airbag in the event of an accident. 22% of accidents that result in serious injury or death occur due to side impact incidents at intersections.  Additional airbags provide protection in either a head-on or side collision situation.   A car that has all six airbags will help to reduce your odds of contributing to this statistic.  New vehicle models now come with up to six sets of airbags to protect the passengers in the car. These are present:

  • In front of the driver
  • In front of the front-seat passenger
  • On the side of the driver
  • On the side of the front-seat passenger
  • On each side of the back-seat passengers

If your car doesn’t include these set of airbags, you must remove it now, as airbags are the basic moieties in cars these days.

Emergency Braking

Sometimes it does not matter how alert a driver is when they are driving. There will be situations when a hazard is noticed at the last minute. It would be really good, if the car detects that imminent danger, it will brake. While this may cause a fright to the driver, it could prevent an accident from occurring because of the emergency braking system.

Decade old car models do not have this emergency breaking system, if your present car does not have the emergency breaking system, it’s better to remove it and buy new one with such feature. Additionally you will be getting top cash up to $8999 for your current car.

Collision Prevention Assistance:

Collision prevention assistance is designed to prevent problem from occurring ever again. They include:

  1. Reversing camera with sensors: 
    A small camera is mounted in the rear of your car, normally just below the license plate. When your car is moved in reverse, the camera shows you what is happening behind you on a screen that is mounted on your dashboard.
  2. Driving Assistance:
    Other safety systems is use sensors attached to the car to tell you about moving hazards in your driving path, such as small animals or pedestrians which are constantly monitoring area around car, and will alert you if they predict that a hazard is moving into the path of your car, particularly useful at night.

These features are available in all models of new cars of all brands, keeping your safety at peak. If your car doen’t have this safety measure right now, its better to remove it from your property as “prevention is better than cure” and dump your scrap car by calling Vic Car Wreckers at 0404 113 112 or get the online free quote to sell your scrap car to buy new one with advanced safety features. Our team will give you the best cash possible for your current model. We will assist you in entire car removal process from your location and all the associated paperwork. Call us today and get your car removed.