Top 5 Car Wreckers In Australia


With the growing number of cars in every city what is also growing is the number of cars that are no longer being used and are in no condition to be repaired and restored up to a point so that they can be used again. In addition to this there must be many you who might be having a piece of machinery just like such lying in their garage or their yard, just rotting with each passing day and being nothing but a painful sight. Wouldn’t it be a much better deal if you could get some profit out of that old scrap of a car?? For sure it will be!!! So to serve that purpose here is a list of Top 5 Car Wreckers in Australia:

1) King Auto


Contact no. 0411 368 877

Location: Brisbane


King Auto is a preeminent Cash for Car Company offering a variety of car removal services in Queensland covering Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba. The company has been in the industry for over three decades, and is one of the pioneers in the business. The services so provided by the company are designed in a manner that you will not only find aneasy and hassle free way to get rid of all your unwanted vehicles but also you will make some decent amount of cash in the process.

King Auto is an ace company offering a wide variety of car removal services to help you according to you requirement at the time. Sign up today and earn up to $8999/-

2) Anz Auto


Contact no. 540-310-4137

Location: Sydney

Address:245 Chatham Heights RdFredericksburg, VA 22405.

Anz auto is another giant in the Cash for Car Company excelling in providing a number of services including Car removal and dealing in used cars. A company that has spent a considerable amount of time in the field to establish itself as one of the top companies providing quality services to its clients and ensuring a smooth and relaxing deal every time.

3) Vic Car Wreckers


Contact no. 0449 155 271

Location: Melbourne


Address: 1/3 Maria StreetLaverton North Vic, 3026


They are dominating independent car removal master in Melbourne. Vic Car offer complete and hassle free car and truck removal. Not only the removal part but also they ace at providing the best advice about the car/truck removal in entire Melbourne. The one factor that makes them stand out among their competitors is their SPEED and time bound service culture. They are always focused on providing the best prices to their clients. You can expect the best prices in the market for damaged cars, accidental cars, second hand cars, unwanted cars, scrap cars, used cars, etc.

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4) Ali Car Removal


Contact no:0411 704 458

Location: Melbourne

Address:5 John St Dandenong,Melbourne, AU,3175


They are a distinguished car removal company and are well known and widely appreciated for their professional approach, reliability, instant and top cash in Melbourne. Customer satisfaction is the principle they have abided by since their very inception. Another noticeable work ethic of Ali Car Removal is their transparency in the entire cash transaction,no hidden charges, no unknown terms and conditions involved. Your scrap car will be towed away to ensure the utmost level of comfortability.

Get top cash for your scrap car lying in your garage

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5) NSW Auto Wreckers


Contact no: 0402 536 551

Location: Sydney


Address:3/2 Pine Road Yennora,NSW 2161


They are a renowned name in the field of Car and truck removal majorly known for their commitment towards getting their clients for the best possible deal. One of the few players in the market that follow the policy “Time is Money”. In all their years of operation they have maintained the utmost level of professionalism and also the paramount level of work ethic. They ensure the fastest service and optimum level of transparency in monetary transactions. Customers can rely on their contentions and commitments as that is what has made them one of the top operating Car removal company in all Sydney.

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So there we are the top of the food chain  in the field of Car Removal and Wrecking. so what are waiting for ?? Give them a call ! Drop them a query and lend them a chance to help you with your scrap car and get you sound deal out of otherwise piece of rusty metal


All The Best