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It is inevitable that a Car/Truck, being a machinery, has some or the other limitation. As long as the machine is being well fed with proper service and constant usage it serves the purpose well for a really long period of time. However, once the machinery is subjected to damage, caused by natural causes or by the negligence of the owner, from that point onwards the serving capability of that machine depreciates slowly and gradually makes it to a point of no return.

Once the machine has reached this point of no return, the owner of the machine is left with a nothing but a few options – to invest a chunk of his earning in the restoration of the Car/Truck or to get rid of the same so that he can buy a new one, the former being the option which is usually not considered given the heavy cost involved in the same.

Even the latter of the two aforementioned options is nowhere close to an easy hassle free task, especially if you don’t approach the right place to get the task done. Therefore, Let us guide you with the best possible way to get your Car/truck Removed in a hassle free and profitable manner – Vic Car Wreckers.


Being the oldest in business of Car Wreckers in Melbourne we have gained the reputation of being the best service providers in Melbourne and all its regions. Not one but many aspects are responsible for the attainment of this level in a market that consists of a cutthroat competitive environment. Availability of resources, team of qualified professionals, time bound performance are only a few qualities that has not only earned us the title of being the best in the market but has awarded us with a client base that has always been satiated by our services.


The model of your scrap Car/truck, the year of its making or its present condition is never a worry for us as we accept any Car/truck irrespective of the above constraints. What guides this policy is the bedrock of our work ethic that none of our clients shall ever have to go knocking another door because of a glitch in our services and especially due to such petty constraints. We provide the kind of service that was hardly ever practiced and provided by the Car Wreckers in Melbourne


Apart from removal of your Car/truck we also provide a number of other services such as the sale of Auto parts for your vehicles, wrecking of scrap cars, providing assessment of your vehicles conducted by a team of experienced mechanics and automobile experts etc. It is because of this diversification of operations that we never fail to fulfill the expectations of our customers.


We believe in the philosophy of getting the work completed at quickest possible pace while maintaining an unbeatable level of professionalism at the same time. The moment you call us for a free quote for your scrap car, that moment onwards the process begins and is never delayed due to whatever reasons. Our team of professionals are constantly engaged in making the process even smoother for you and ensuring the best car removal experience.


Getting your Car/Truck to the yard for it be sold might seem like a hectic procedure and probably also the reason why you are not able to sell your Car/truck till date. You won’t have to worry about any of the procedural difficulties once initiate a deal with us by calling for a quote. Going forth all the work will regarding the removal or wrecking or your Car/Truck is taken care of by our professionals which also includes the completion of the paperwork and the legal formalities. Basically all the work that costs you a load of time and money will be undertaken by us and all you will get in return is hardcore profit out of an otherwise pocket-perforating scrap car.

Plenty of reasons why should opt for our services and the most prominent of them being that we provide the best in our class services when you try to compare it with the rest of the Car wreckers in Melbourne

So don’t waste any more time, Let that old machine fetch you a good profit and let us provide you the best car selling experience that you have been looking for !!