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Is that old scrap car of no use to you? Is it occupying unnecessary space in your garage? Are you tired of looking for the best possible way to get it out and earn some profit out of the same? Albeit it may seem like you have plenty of option to get the job done but are those options really feasible as per your needs and requirements? If all such questions keep popping in your head and you can’t find the perfect answer to them then here we are with the answer you have been looking for- Vic Car Wreckers.

There are many car wreckers in Melbourne that will definitely sing their own song about how good they are when it comes to wrecking cars in Melbourne but when the moment of truth arrives they are the first ones to find an escape route. However same is not the case when it comes to Vic Car Wreckers as they have been the oldest in the business of Car Wreckers in Melbourne and they know how to deal with customers to ensure a smooth car removal experience

Below are number of points that we would urge you to consider before you make a decision of selecting a service provider for your needs:

No need to travel to the yard to get a quote for your car

Usually, when you think of selling your car, the buyer always seeks to look at the condition of the car before he quotes the price that he is willing to pay for the car. This factor makes dealing with private buyers a very hectic and full of hassle job. However the same is not the case when you deal with Vic Car. All that you need to do is make a call to them and describe the make model and condition of your car with the information that is relevant to disclose. Based on the information provided by you they will give you a price quote based on the exact worth of your car and which will also be the highest quote that you can possibly get anywhere in the city. This facility not only gets you the quote for the car without having to personally go and seeking it but also gets you the opportunity to compare the quote with the other price quotes form buyers that you might be interested in. Not one but two means are met by just a single call, seems like a profitable deal isn’t it? 

Getting the car moved to the yard is no longer your problem

Since a car is not in a working or a drivable condition it automatically becomes a pain in the neck to get the car to the yard where it could be sold. To get this done, one is left with no other option but to seek the assistance of a towing agency and that is not the kind of service that one can buy for peanuts. A heavy amount needs to be invested to avail this service which is in no way an intelligent choice to make especially when you are unsure about how much you might actually make out of the deal. This issue is taken care of by Vic Car Wreckers as they provide free of charge towing of the vehicle from a location of your choice and over just a single call. You won’t have to wait for days for the towing guys to come knocking at your door, you can fix a time for that very day itself a later date depending on your convenience. The vehicle will be towed without you having to even break a sweat for achieving the same. Now isn’t that satisfying? We bet it is!

The make, model and age of your car are the least to be worried about!

We can understand it might be a pretty old car that is not in a working condition as of now. It might belong to a class of cars that are no longer available in the market and the parts of whom are not in circulation as well. A majority of Car wreckers in Melbourne are very picky with the make or the model of the car and they tend to push away from the deal the moment they spot a car from an old model or a car that has come of age. It is very natural to be skeptical owing to these points, but what needs to be understood is the fact that these factors don’t preclude Vic Car Wreckers from buying your car and providing the best possible price for the worth of your car. Car from every make model and year are welcome at Vic Car as it is not the profit that they are concerned about rather the satisfaction of the customers is what is they appertain to.

Hassle free paperwork and on the spot payment

The paperwork of a car deal is indeed the most important part of the deal which in a way marks the completion of the deal but what is unknown to many of the people out there is the fact that paperwork and the completion of formality tends to be a lengthy process and even lengthier when the person who is trying to get it done is not well versed with the intricacies of the same. A professional person who does this for a living has all the idea about the procedure and knows his way around the same. So when someone is unable to understand the complications involved in the paperwork, he ends up seeking the help of third-party professionals to get this task done which burns a hole in his pocket and leaves him with no other option. However, this situation gets avoided when you choose to deal with Vic Car as all the formality connected with the deal is taken care of by the professionals of their own team and no extra charges need to be paid to them for the completion of the same. In addition to this what adds another feather to their hat is that they don’t make their clients wait for the dispatch of the payment. As soon as the formalities are finished with the payment as decided between the parties is made then and there on the spot without even the slightest room for delay. Once you choose to deal with Vic Car Wreckers you can rest assured that you are indeed dealing with the best and fastest Car Wreckers in Melbourne.   


The above points are enough to give you a rough idea as to the work ethics and the scheme of services that they provide, by making a call to them you can get the entire picture and we are sure that it won’t reveal any such facts that will make you reconsider your choices.

So don’t waste even a speck of your time and get the ball rolling by making that call

We wish you all the best for a happy and satisfying car selling experience